John has extensive experience in growing businesses (three start-ups; one in the UK, two in Ireland and GM of a computer games company in Chicago). His domain knowledge is in the MediaTech, New/Digital Media, Software, ICT, Games & Animation sectors.

Taking ambiguous ideas with commercial potential, he has the drive, energy and interpersonal skills combined with the financial and commercial acumen to create and deliver real results. He enjoys rolling up the sleeves and getting stuck in with the creative, the technology and the commercial teams putting structures and focussed outputs in place.

His involvement with start-ups and growing businesses also brings immediate interfacing with Dublin BIC (inc 200 other EU BIC’s) access to finance including the Halo Business Angels, the AIB Seed Fund (€53m fund), Enterprise Ireland, the CEB’s and the Venture Capital community.

John is the National Manager of the Halo Business Angels Partnership program (www.businessangels.ie) leading the team to 148 deals with €65m invested.

He evaluates the ICT/ Creative industries H2020 calls for the EU Commission and is also a board member of ‘FilmBase – The Irish Film Resource Centre’. He brings fresh views, a creative approach and no nonsense language to creating and developing real and practical business opportunities.

Specialties: Rolling up the sleeves getting stuck in and delivering on business strategy, objectives and sales. Also people skills, financial analysis and funding.


Since 2004 Halcyon has been working with a number of clients. Most notably:

Dublin Business Innovation Centre


John works with Dublin BIC as an investment advisor in several of its key areas.

Halo Business Angel Partnership


John is the National Manager of HBAP – March 2014 – €65m invested in 148 deals. John manages a team which sources, filters and recommends opportunities. Four recent exits including Storyful, Activation Energy and 20-20 insights.

AIB Seed Fund

With the fund manager, John filters and recommends appropriate companies to the €53 million AIB Seed Capital Fund.

FP7 & H2020

Two FP7 programmes currently underway. John leads the DublinBIC team as both programs involve creation of international cross border investment and market entry opportunities.

Dublin Business Innovation Centre
Halo Business Angel Network
AIB Seed Capital Fund

The relationship with Dublin BIC is on-going and the process requires that companies are evaluated (and challenged) and progressed for financial investment when appropriate

Enterprise Ireland – Enterprise Ireland Business Partner, Mentor, Strategic consultant (Cartoon Saloon, Treehouse Republic and Windmill Lane), CSF Evaluator and panellist, Technology Gateway evaluator (€18m funding). John regularly interacts with Scaling, established, HPSU and R&D commercialisation units.

Storyful – Business planning (business modelling) and funding strategy development with Mark Little. Introduction to Business Angels who invested and exited with 7x multiple in recent €18m sale of the company to NewsCorp.

Jam Media – UK operational and market entry. Developed and submitted to InvestNI and the BBC market entry report.

Cartoon Saloon – Academy Award Nominated Studio- Business planning (inc financial), strategic advisory and fund raising. Developed and submitted to EI for grant assistance (employment, process improvement and international sales) leading to €4.5m sale of TV Series employing 40 plus.

EU Commission – H2020 evaluator for ICT Innovative Creative Industry SME’s.

MediaDeals: is a pan-European investment network focussing on mediatech early-stage companies. John sits on investment panels and presents at conferences such as Enter Europe- Training Financiers for the European Film Industry.

Windmill Lane Productions – Developed R&D plan for employment, process improvement and International sales. Also completed VFX Cluster report.

Media Market: Feasibility study, Market analysis and Business Plan (inc Enterprise Ireland RTI grant application) for Media Monitoring company, leading to €2m investment and ultimate sale of the company.

PA Consulting – MediaTech Industry Advisor. Completed 5 year €25m concession review of the National Digital Research Centre (NDRC) for the Dept of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources. Evaluation of Entertainment Center/ MediaTech Centre.


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