John identifies, creates and executes on new business opportunities. He has founded, and co-founded, companies, including his own, in Ireland, the UK and in the USA in Artificial Intelligence, Animation and GM of a games company in Chicago. His domain knowledge is in the AI, Software, ICT, MediaTech and content sectors.

John is involved with all stages of funding (Equity, Debt, Grant, R&D) and stages of development from M&A exit transactions, Series A, Seed and R&D, and has also engaged in early-stage Research (H2020 and the European Commission).

  • The National Director of the Halo Business Angels Network (www.hban.org) with over €85m private funds invested in over 400 companies).
  • Senior consultant with DublinBIC (www.dublinbic.ie) providing business consultancy services to early stage, high potential start-ups. Co-founder of Futurescope (www.futurescope.ie)
  • RecommenderX- Co-founder & investor of Artificial intelligence & Data Analytics company (www.recommenderx.com).
  • KnowHowDo- Chairman of Online Lifestyle Learning company with six branded websites and over One million subscribers (www.knowhowdo.com).
  • Airfield Capital- Partner- Starting new companies, partnering with great founders, Corporate Finance, fundraising and M&A with multiple fundraising and exit transactions annually.
  • Animation Ireland Experienced Chair and board member. Currently, the independent chair of Animation Ireland (www.animationireland.com ) with over 1,000 employed and €100m revenue in the animation industry per year.

Through his engagement with Dublin BIC, the Halo Business Angel Network, the AIB Seed Fund and Enterprise Ireland he has his “Finger on the Pulse” of entrepreneurial activity in Ireland.


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